Versatility Matters

Versatility Matters
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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Bath-Tub Sexcapades! Rhyhein & Sean!

Both men are bald, sexy and well endowed and so we're guaranteed an extraordinary and bold splash session when Rhyheim Shabazz and Sean Zevran share a bathtub together! Firm pleasure a Spring cleaning are totally expected!

Both Rhyheim and Sean know what they're doing with Mr. Shabazz using his height and his enormous erection to satisfy himself as well as his partner as they make nudity a joint exercise in both hygiene and release!

Mr. Zevran willingly offers his appealing buttocks to Rhyheim so that he can deliver his thrusts and grant them both a thrill and unlimited delight!

Rhyheim concentrates on fulfilling Sean's sexual needs as he plows his manhood into his anal-hole in order to allow them both to escape away into this man-in-man escapade!

As they simultaneously approach their sexual climax, Rhyheim and Sean feel immense relief and personal satisfaction. It is only a matter of time before the dynamic duo replay their physical contact only this time it will be in the comfort of the bedroom!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee



Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Is The Month!

Don't delay! Start your stroking today! Unlimited repetitions encouraged for the entire month! 

I honestly don't think that anything else needs to be written. This entire process is very basic and self-fulfilling! 

Get busy stroking!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Inspired Relief!

Often, we need graphic visual inspiration to relieve ourselves of the pressures and tensions of an overload! Today's post is a salute and a tribute to those of us (myself included) who need this dramatic and real-life stimulation! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee


Saturday, April 24, 2021

Massaging! Rhyheim Shabazz & Xavier Zane!


Xavier Zane rubs Rhyheim Shabazz

Rhyheim then reciprocates to him

Xavier gets back into the groove

Rhyheim is becoming excited

These two mega-men, Rhyheim Shabazz, (tall and sexy as hell, bald) and Xavier Zane (shorter, sexy as hell - wearing a reversed baseball cap) are preparing for a royal rumble and fuck once they get the obligatory massaging out of the way. Wish we could view their MSM indulgence here!  

Rhyheim's enormous erection alone is enough to get my buttock's cheeks twitching with anticipation and desire! I know when he gets inside me that it will positively be a moment my anus will never forget! His erection is extremely powerful!

And Xavier, is equally potent! He's sexy as hell when he flashes us with his hairy armpits in the first .gif and even more so as he flexes his muscles!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Beaux Banks And Me!


Beaux Banks choke-hold fucked by Phoenix Fellington

By his own public disclosure, Beaux Banks proudly confirms that he is a virtually exclusive gay sexual 
bottom-man! That makes he and I both confident and proud to share similar roles in our gay sexual preference. We're two men committed to the same sexual dynamic and thrill - a hard, hot, huge and energetic erection thrusting inside our deep and willing anus (buttocks)!

Beaux: choke-hold #1

However, there are several differences in our sexual experiences. Beaux readily admits to being a sexual top-man only once in his entire life - back when he was an undergraduate in college. Whereas I was an exclusive same gender loving sexual top-man for the first 10 - 11 years of my life! Only when I entered my late twenties did I evolve in the sexual flip-flop from exclusive top-man to exclusive bottom-man! 

Beaux: choke-hold #2

We both have another similarity. Neither one of us has ever had the desire, dream, notion or opportunity to be sexually active with a person of the female gender. From early adolescence until the present, we've both known and understood our physical attraction to men. It was never a problem for Beaux. It was never a problem for me. Neither one of us has felt any guilt or shame over being same gender loving men! 

Beaux has only been intimately interactive with gay men. I, on the other hand, have been intimate with both bisexual and gay men. 

Beaux: choke-hold #3

Obviously, Beaux Banks has no issue with his partner's hands grasping his neck in a choke-hold grip. It isn't a major concern for me, personally. However, my all-time favorite sexual position is to be bottom-man-on-top! I'd rather "ride" my partner's erection and allow him deep inside me as possible! I like watching his facial expression when he ejaculates (cums) inside me!

Another similarity we both have in common is our interracial heritage. Beaux was raised by his adoptive parents and is a mixture of African-American, Asian and Caucasian. I am a of one Greek parent and one Nigerian parent. 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Jason Vario: Passion Man!

Jason Vario: Passion Man!

The erotic, sensual, sexy and virile Jason Vario is the feature of today's post here on Versatility Matters! Not only does this stunning man meet all of the descriptions written above, but there are others that equally enhance his image. For starters, masculine and muscular are two that can be added to his growing list of DSA's (distinguished sex appeals)! Add to that expanded list the fact that his buttocks are absolutely booty-liscious!

Jason Vario: licking his man!

In the above .gif and the one below, Jason is engaged in some very intense and passionate lip-lock and licking with his handsome partner. I have no shame in acknowledging that these two .gifs are making precum leak between my legs as I'm composing this entry!

Yes, I readily admit my sexual attraction to Jason Vario (earlier porn name: Kiern Duecan) and my anxious willingness to offer to him my entire body for his pleasure and satisfaction! And while we're on the subject, allow me to mention his sparse body hair (armpits and pubic), tiny nipples and his 7.5 inches of uncut cock! His tattoos alone compensate for what he lacks in chest hair! I've already admitted in previous postings here my preference for being an almost exclusive sexual bottom-man, but Jason's bare ass makes my own erection throb! 

Jason's booty-liscious ass!

Jason tongues his man's cock tip!

What a cock-pleasing profile he has! I can only imagine the heat we can generate together while simultaneously feasting on each other's generous manhoods! The same picture (above) entices my desire to have his tongue performing anilingus (rimming) my very own anal cavity! I'm already fully prepared for his cock's grand entrance inside me!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee




Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A Happy Bottom-man!

 There are still so many men who are the first to downplay the happiness and the pleasure of the bottom-man role in our same gender loving (gay) relationships. They continue to view us as an unresponsive and passive partner without any desire or dreams of passion and fulfillment. Now that may be true for a few of our bottom-man brothers. However, that attitude shows clearly that the assumption is far from both truth and reality!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Legendary Bobby Blake!

 One of the pornography industry's greatest performers in the later decade of the 20th century is the incredible and legendary Bobby Blake, the muscular, bald Black man in the middle of the above .gif, with his enormous cock openly displayed while he watches his co-stars fuck their willing bottom-men.  

In the above .gif, our featured legend Bobby Blake gets his massive manhood sucked by his White costar while his muscular buddy willingly thrusts his erection into the White man's bodacious ass! Our star, Bobby, was often willing to appear onscreen with others equally enthusiastic about having their muscles and their buttocks highlighted by the notorious Bobby Blake!

Bobby Blake (above, left) posing for a scene with his costar, the famous Bam. Bobby was surpringly one of the first actors in gay pornography to appear with all of his chest hair intact. He refused to shave his chest hair and caused quite a controversy when some of his White costars didn't consent to join him in keeping his body hair "natural."

In his vast array of films, he always was featured in roles as an exclusive top-man! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Adrian Hart and Devin Trez!

In the .gif panorama above, the ultimate sexy duo of Adrian Hart (the slender one with the lighter skin tone) and the sturdier Devin Trez (the taller one with the darker skin tone) strip off their briefs and proudly display their bodies and their preferred sexual positions for us all! They leave no doubt in any of our minds as that they're both the masters in their respective roles as to who is the perfect bottom-man and who is the perfect top-man! 

In order to make certain that there is no confusion as to their identities, the above picture shows both men in relationship to their professional names. As is also obvious, both men and their manhoods are of generous sizes and proportionate! Personally, either one would fit me perfectly! 

Adrian Hart, kneeling in the above image, is a very enticing and sexy bottom-man who is infamous for yielding his willing ass to any of his many enthusiastic and generous top-men who are unable to deny his gracious offering! He keeps his body in shape in order to be pleasing to any erection that cums his way!

Devin Trez, standing tall and hard (erect) in the picture above is a perfect top-man for Adrian's buttocks! His seductive expression and erection are simply too much for Adrian to ignore! Their coupling makes gay history as the proverbial "match-made-in-heaven!"

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee



Saturday, April 3, 2021

Happy Easter!

Yuri Lucas invites us all to join him in this Easter time as he entices us to have a wonderful day!

And it isn't by no means just the carrots that he wants you to nibble on! 


His delicious booty would like your tongue to explore both it and him, too!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Happy Easter!

Rashad Keith Cuffee