Versatility Matters

Versatility Matters
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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Opening for Pleasure!


There is always a bright spot somewhere during the month of September every year. For these two men, it appears as though the "satisfaction" spot for this September, 2021, is our submissive bottom-man's ass! He's obviously thrilled with having anilingus (rimming) performed on himself and his partner is absolutely hell-bent on getting the job done! That must be one sweet-treat hole that he can't wait to plunge into full throttle!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Max Konnor's Picnic!

Committed and dedicated - as well as being both bald and muscular - alpha-man (fucker) Max Konnor in this profile shows us all how he spent his Labor Day holiday. Mounted on the balcony of his rented cabin and delighted to plow and plunge into the willing ass of his bottom-man! 

Max Konnor is no doubt giving his bottom exactly what he both needs and wants! His profile shows us that his erection remains firm and his facial expression let's us all know that Max Konnor is deliberately hitting his spot every time he inserts inside him! 

Enjoy your picnic, men!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Eddie and Tyler!

 Eddie Diaz, our top-man in todays feature, is busy fucking his partner's ass - Tyler. Not to be left out of any action whatsoever, Tyler is also stroking his own erection and shooting his cum (semen) all over his muscular abdomen!

Tyler is obviously being rewarded for his efforts. Eddie's thrusts have achieved their goal of his man-juice causing Tyler's ejaculation and Tyler's feet are tight with pleasure and satisfaction!

Proof that our man, Eddie Diaz, can both deliver and divulge himself to whomever his partner may be or may need! Thank you both, Eddie and Tyler! Way to fuck, Eddie!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

BOT: Bottom-On-Top!


Our bottom-man (above) is proud to mount and ride his alpha-man! He is obviously enjoying feeling his alpha-erection deep inside his anus and his savoring the moment!

One of the marvels of our current sex positions is the widespread popularity of the BOT (bottom-on-top) culture within our GLBTQ community. In the past, the sexual bottom-man was often stuck in a very subservient and passive role and the obligatory demeaning position he was forced to assume. Those days and that ideal are now largely disappearing from our male same gender loving (bisexual and gay) culture. 

In the above .gif image, the alpha (penetrating) man is busy thrusting his erection into his bottom-man's anus, with the bottom-on-top! This still allows the BOT riding the satisfaction of monitoring the penetration of his buttocks as well as controlling the depth of penetration!

Versatility matters, guys! Be Cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Saturday, August 28, 2021

An Invitation to Join...!


Our man above is giving us a very clear and intentional signal to join him in his pursuit of checking out his buddies! Care to see what he wants to share?

Our man with the very generous erection has captured his "prize" and now leads him into his chamber of pleasure and seduction for a well-promised night of knowledge and sexual satisfaction! The size of his manhood alone makes me want to bend over and give him total access to my willing man-hole!

The guarantee of passion makes my buttocks quiver!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Workout Benefit!


One of the best benefits of a morning workout buddy is the physical excitement and thrill of having someone to "get busy with" for immediate gratification! It doesn't have to involve any commitment or understanding - all that's necessary is the appreciation of out carnal cravings and the overwhelming rewards of immediate service! 

Of course, being able to "pay back" the favor helps. Reciprocity (exchange) of the sexual positions and roles affords both buddies with fulfillment and satisfaction. Being candid and honest with one another about the desires and the results offer unlimited success for both partners and their sexual encounters down the road!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Saturday, August 21, 2021



The sensual rubbing together and fondling of our bodies gives unlimited amounts of pleasure and stimulation for many men. Not only does it actually feel good, but many are attracted to the honest sexual satisfaction that this provides. 

Often, such intimate physical contact is considered a part of sexual foreplay, a prelude to the total physical union of our two bodies. Between men, this pleasurable and satisfying contact prepares us for what is about to explode from our erections: cum (semen)!

The desire, once fulfilled, is overcome with delight and anxious to resume the exploration and gratification again with the reciprocity of sexual roles!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Bare Beach Play!


Her we go, a group of men - all without any clothing concealment - ready for a day of "fun-in-the-sun" in nature!

The day can last forever and no one would complain because they're all nude and enjoying the local scenery!

For anyone observing all the activities, there's just too much to see and no time to even bother with a blinking of the eye!

The choices are endless and the cocks alone offer too much to everyman's fantasy and imagination! 

Everyone is aware that their penis is attracting the attention and delight of others and soon any pretense of modesty falls by the wayside!

Eventually, a sport's game helps to satisfy the intense craving for more personal intimacy among the group!

Gordon obviously is having fun and his growing cock leaves no question about his expectations!

Now we have no doubt as to who wants what and where!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Phoenix Fellington: LIVE!


Phoenix Fellington knows his moves! Whether in the bedroom - or wherever - he can always delight!

The man has no problem in giving us what he knows we all desire and derive pleasure from!

Unburdened by any sense of modesty or shyness, he definitely understands what satisfies his male audience! 

He has no guilt or shame in sharing with us his complete nudity! He loves men, just as we all do!

His confidence and his pride in his muscle-toned body is obvious for us all to see and sense!

Just as we know that he can certainly please, he reassures us beyond doubt that he is able to tease!

Our man, Phoenix Fellington, has the looks, tongue and lips that guarantee an exceptional experience wherever we meet this worthy partner!

In his performances onscreen, Phoenix Fellington has world-wide recognition as a reputable and skilled bottom-man! He has the moves that assure his alpha partner (top-man) that the alpha's sexual desires and needs will be met and exceedingly satisfied!

What many men fail to consider is that because of his preferred sexual position, he's also in the command situation of also being a rewarding top-man himself. After all, he knows what makes him pleased as a bottom-man, so therefore he has acquired the skills and the abilities to perform as the alternate alpha-man and make both men ecstatic and fulfilled!

Way to go, Phoenix! Not only are you fit, toned, attractive and sexy - you are one man who damn-well for certain knows the power of versatility! 

You can fuck my ass whenever you desire!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The Right To Be Proud!


Too often, we entertain notions of the overwhelming modesty of human nature. From my perspective, nothing is further from the truth! We may prefer to think of ourselves as modest and shy, but once the obvious is known, all that nonsense is cast out the window!

As evident both above and below, the majority of us derive an extreme amount of delight and pleasure in proudly offering ourselves as models of both our masculinity and our manhoods! We don't mind showing off what nature has bestowed upon us! 

And in my own personal opinion, very few of us have any reason for embarrassment or shame! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee