Versatility Matters

Versatility Matters
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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Carrying A Kiss!


A muscular lover carrying his toned and willing partner out of their joint shower is always a very bromantic (romance between two men) and a very welcumming (willingly about to share their cum/semen) sight!

We all can imagine the successive movements following this foreplay maneuver as these two continue to explore their bodies and relax together. Such intimacy is not usually present when two men join in for a hook-up (casual sexual encounter) or for an anonymous sexual encounter. 

This enlightening endeavor is generally between two men who are both comfortable with one another and very much linked into their joint relationship. Actions such as this display a very obvious affection, devotion, emotion, familiarity and trust that bonds the two men together.  

It is much better to carry a kiss to the next level than too extend too far too soon and be filled with remiss! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

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