Versatility Matters

Versatility Matters
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Zario Travezz!

Handsome and hot, sexy gay pornstar Zario Travezz is not only erotic in film, but also whenever he makes an appearance! 

In these images here, he is posed with his co-star, Jaxx, as they get together and Zario surrenders his juicy buttocks to Jaxx's erection!

But not before Jaxx allows Zario his mouthful of his delicious and bountiful cock!

It is quite thrilling to see just how anxious Jaxx is to get inside that manly hole! 

Jaxx has no problem even giving Zario the pleasure of mounting his erection and riding it into his pleasure dreamland! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Keith Cuffee

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Following Desires!

If you indeed see something that interests you, or strikes your fancy,

there's nothing wrong or incorrect about following behind, to see where it might take you!

Sometimes, the very best in life is worth every step of your pursuit!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Keith Cuffee

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Studs of the Month: Bottom-Man Delight!

As a rule, March is most definitely not a month regularly considered for naked and wild outdoor play! The weather outdoors remains "iffy" for practically the entire time. Indoor antics and play-time is still considered prudent, even though the month brings us a return to daylight savings time and the arrival of another Springtime! 

Naturally (pun intended), indoor antics are not alien to this time of the year. The gentlemen partaking in these inside delights here are all too familiar with enjoying themselves and one another and in spreading their physical (sexual) pleasure and spirits! 

They lively indulge in the sensual extravaganzas of both sucking and fucking partners in their trio! The more the merrier clearly was designed with their type of energy in mind for all! 

It is definitely no surprise that they have even devised their own methods to equalize their fun and games to bring delight! 

They all three take enormous joy in sharing attention and thrusts into every anatomical orifice available along any and all parts of their bare bodies! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Keith Cuffee

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Oral Stimulation!

March is the month for a mixture of sexual madness. On some days, the weather outside is fine and comfortable and the freedom for oral stimulation while exploring nature is abundant. However, the very next day can be cold, windy and encourage all of us to stay indoors where it is nice and warm!

Although there is no denying any of us the tasty delight of a cock erect inside our mouth for the joy and thrill that it delivers not only to our taste buds but also to our mouths!

I know we can all appreciate this mouthful of masculinity! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Keith Cuffee

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Oreo Middle: Two Into One!

There's never too much delight than seeing a bottom-man receiving two firm erections simultaneously inside his willing buttocks opening. Any man who remains that confident and proud while offering himself to other men deserves all the admiration and attention that he gets. He knows what his top-men want and precisely what excites them. Buddies generally have no issue with having friends watch them fucking another man. An audience and an accomplice occasionally make everyman's day complete! 

A willing bottom-man derives pleasure in having two stallions fuck him together. He also doesn't waste ant time in opening his body to being fucked and sucking on a cock again, simultaneously. We all know too well that the more erections there are, the more fun that we'll all have! 

Most of you visiting here already know that I am an exclusive bottom-man. I also admit here that I have willingly had two men fuck me before, both at the same time. For us who enjoy being the bottom-man for others, it is an experience that is both rewarding and thrilling! 

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Keith Cuffee

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Gay Sex Position: Sideways Doggie Style

This particular gay sexual position I have experience with as a top-man but I've never had it delivered to me as a bottom-man. Now, as I topped over my bottom partner, I never deliberately slapped his ass of my own free-will. I only did that when he specifically asked for it to be done! 

And I never scrunched my partner's head under my foot! To me, that is just too demeaning and degrading!

However, there are indeed some men who enjoy that type of expression and there are also many bottom-men who are excited when there partner's foot is mounted against their face. To each man and every couple, whatever works best for them is fine for them both! 

The doggie style position offers the top-man the "control" position during the sexual act. For many men, this dominant position assures them of the bottom-man compliance to their will and their expectations. This assures their sometimes questioned masculinity and allows them to feel completely "in charge" of their sexuality and their pride!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Keith Cuffee

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Jacen Zhu: Bottom-Man Magic!

Jacen Zhu, shown above having his rectum penetrated by his top-man, is using both his body language and his facial expression to convey the "thrill of the moment" in having another man giving him his sexual satisfaction. Having himself fucked by another is one of Jacen's pleasurable physical occurances. 

Sharing his underarm hair and his firm nipples on his chest are two excellent examples of his excitement. I can understand his feelings and agree wholeheartedly with his emotions! 

As an almost exclusive bottom-man myself, I readily identify with the feelings that Jacen is exhibiting here. Another man inserting his erection into the depths of our anal cavity delivers untold passion and relief and sends a message of extreme gratification throughout one's body. It is like being transported into paradise! 

There is little comparable to the ecstasy being fucked delivers! It is indeed a magical experience!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Keith Cuffee