Versatility Matters

Versatility Matters
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Sunday, October 18, 2020

All Versatile: Sean Xavier!

Muscular, extremely sexy and openly and proudly same gender loving, Sean Xavier, has no shortage of film credits for being the top-man in pornography! His generous flaccid (soft) penis endowment (11 inches) there has been no doubt about his pleasuring his bottom-man co-stars - and none of them has admitted to less than being thoroughly pleased with his efforts!  

These images in today's posting demonstrate Sean Xavier's unique and unprecedented portrayal as a BOT (bottom-on-top) while enjoying riding his partner's erection and getting even more energetic as his man's manhood becomes even more familiar! Damn superlative job, men! In this posting, Sean Xavier is riding Stas Landon's erection!

Sean Xavier's favorite description of himself is one that almost every one of his film co-stars have shared about working with him: "...he's handsome, ripped, hairy and sexy! He's ultra-hung and very nice!"

Sean Xavier has never had an issue in giving up his ass to his deserving and worthy film-mates. He's always publicly acknowledged his willingness to be forever versatile in his sexual positioning! He readily admitted to being a "man's man" - either as a giver or a receiver! For him, "...bottom-man or top-man, it's all good!" 

As can be seen in these .gif images, he gives as much energy and enthusiasm into being fucked as he does when he is the one fucking another man! Sean Xavier has no difficulty or hesitation in mounting his sexual top-man and riding his firm manhood off towards the full glory and total gratification of them both!

Excellent job, dudes! Thank you both, Sean Xavier and Stas Landon! In the final graphic for this posting entry, we have Stas Landon breeding our featured man in a more traditional positioning!

A perfect climax to a great workout, men! Thanks again for all your efforts and pleasures here!

Versatility matters, guys! Be cool!

Rashad Keith Cuffee

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  1. Sean Xavier what an incredible cock!!!😜😜😜